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 T he Russian Company "APT ROS" is a private joint stock company founded in Russian Federation in 1995 since then holds leading positions in Russian market of system integration. It has grown into group of businesses located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Almaty. The Company develops and realizes significant numbers of various complicity projects in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). "APT ROS" builds information systems infrastructures that combine technologies and solutions of most excellent suppliers with our knowledge and creativeness.

 T he Company is the oldest partner of AVAYA Communication Technologies Corp. (formerly part of Lucent Technologies and AT&T) in the CIS and can offer you "turnkey" solutions based on SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solution and Definity® Communications Systems.
Besides "APT ROS" is also a partner of MK Electric Co. providing plastic trunking and power distribution devices.
To prevent power faults of network infrastructures and costly downtime we suggest protection solutions developed by Chloride Group PLC. Chloride offers most competitive and complete product range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
Our solutions for local and wide area networks are based on equipment of Cisco Systems. Products of Peribit Networks supplied by us in the CIS provide powerful optimization of Customer WAN links.

 T he main field of the APT ROS activity is design and realization of the infrastructure for information component of Customers business.
We provide our Customers with:
  • Technical commercial proposals
  • Technical and sale recommendations
  • Materials and equipment supply including those from APT ROS stock in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Licensed design, installation and testing of information systems

 B y now, our Company has successfully implemented over 200 systems at the sites situated in more than 50 cities of CIS. The Company has realized projects for Russian government organizations and companies working in various fields of business: telecommunications, financial services, transport, information technologies, industry etc.
Among our Customers are:
American Express, AVAYA Communication, Central Bank of RUSSIA, Ernst & Young, ING Bank Eurasia, MARS, "Moscow city telephone network" (MGTS), Ministry of Finance of RUSSIA, Mobile TeleSystems, Novell Inc., Oracle, Pepsi-Cola, Philip Morris, Railway Ministry of RUSSIA, REEBOK, Rothmans, Sea-Land, Severgazprom, TV-Centre, UNISYS, Vnesheconombank, Vneshtorgbank, XEROX

Our contacts are as follows:

 M oscow Valery A. Kozelev, General Director, APT ROS
+7 (095) 786-8206, 786 8207, 786 8208
+7 (095) 786-8209 fax
E-mail: apt@apt.ru

Alexandr A. Novikov, General Director, APT Telecom
+7 (095) 198-9655
+7 (095) 198-9700 fax
E-mail: apt@apt.ru

 S t.Petersburg Mikhail Y. Beloborodov, General Director, APT ROS NEVA
+7 (812) 325-9483
+7 (812) 327-0565 fax
E-mail: misha@aptros.spb.ru

 K iev Sergey A. Mikhailov, General Director, APT Dnipro
+380-44-594-12-01 fax
E-mail: info@apt.ua

 A lmaty Vladimir Shestakov, Chief Executive, APT Vostok
Phone: +7 (727) 275 01 77
Fax: +7 (727) 275 09 02
E-mail: vladimir.shestakov@aptvostok.kz

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